To strengthen its technical capabilities and contributions, Bang.d Pure Water USA Inc is proud to announce its membership of TWQA.

Empowering technical excellence:

BANG.D is a leader in the technology industry, always pushing the boundaries of wireless solutions. Joining TWQA is a testament to BANG.D’s dedication to quality, industry collaboration and staying at the forefront of technological advancement.

Unlock the potential of collaboration:

The partnership with TWQA provides BANG.D with a platform to actively participate in collaborative initiatives, share expertise and participate in industry events. This collaboration aims to drive technological advancement and set new benchmarks in quality and innovation.

Connect with industry pioneers:

As a member of TWQA, BANG.D has access to a network of industry leaders, research initiatives, and the latest trends in wireless technology. This collective knowledge exchange is expected to stimulate innovation, enhance product offerings, and contribute to the overall advancement of the wireless industry.

Shaping the future together:

BANG.D is ready to actively contribute to TWQA, using its expertise to engage in discussions, share insights and shape the future of wireless technology. The association serves as a hub for collaboration to jointly navigate the dynamic landscape of the technology industry.

to know more information:

For inquiries about BANG.D’s cooperation with TWQA or related matters, please contact