about BANG.D

BANG.D PURE WATER USA originated in 1908
and is headquartered in Houston Texas USA
It is a professional water treatment group
company and its products are exported to
more than 100 countries and regions around
the world. Provide consumers with high
quality whole-house water purification
equipment and solutions.

Services Of BANG.D

“BANG.D is a Texas, USA family owned business with a solid reputation behind everything we do. BANG.D president Curtis will oversee every job – from commercial to residential to industrial. We ensure that every job is handled with the same care and attention and caters to the specific needs of our clients. No matter the size of the job, as Curtis puts it: “We’re not the biggest, but we’re the best.”
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Water Softening And Filtration Solutions

Central water purifier
central water softener
Terminal water purifier

Our Excellent Teams

Grace Garcia

Accounting Manager

Michael Johnson

Technical Director

Sophia Davis


Project Cases

Rice University

Dallas Fort Worth Villa

  • MISSION—Provide reliable and clean water for the world.
  • TARGET—Develop and improve water treatment technology, and guide the public topay attention to water quality.
  • VISION—As the world’s most abundant water quality improvement organization, the concept of the BANG.D will be extended to every corner of our blue planet.


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